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All my sister's friends wore them rather as afashion item than as raincoats, so our home was often full of them. Bythe time I got to Uni, large loose ...olyurethane or pvc coats werepopular particularly shiny black trenchcoats.So imagine my joy when I saw that Jennie was wearing a long hooded shinyblue coat, loose and open over her dress. She had obviously just come infrom outside as the shoulders glistened with rain droplets.At that moment I fell in love with her.I was not very experienced with. "No Please don't do it, Please I am begging you not to do it, Please let me go"."I can't stop bitch, my cock won't let me, I have got to carry on hurting you".I got some needles and showing them Megan I slowly pushed them through her nipples. Megan screamed out in agony, "Mommy please make him stop, Please make him stop, Please don't let him hurt me anymore".I looked at Megan's pretty face screwed up in pain, as she hung there upside down."There is no one here to help you bitch, so you will. "Suck it! Suck my cock!"I reveled in the taste and feel of the first penis to ever touch the back of my throat, holding my lips over my teeth as it invaded my mouth. I sucked hard, my face flushed, my cheeks concave around his dick.I loved it (somehow, I always knew I would). The only really manageable thing to do was to position my mouth so that Todd could fuck it with his cock as he rode up and down on his friend's erection. My hands roamed up his smooth chiseled body, tweaking and pinching. When Glade at last collapsed into exhausted slumber, a restless Ivory stared into the dark shadows and reviewed her situation. She recognised now how happy she’d been during the time Glade and Chief Cave Lion were absent. She’d enjoyed the regular evening camaraderie with the other villagers around the blazing fires. She’d risen well to the challenge of being the village shaman and Ptarmigan had done well as the Chief’s deputy. And now what did the rest of her life have to offer? Would she and.

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