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I had never fucked a girl without wearing a condom. “I’m gonna come and I don’t have a rubber on” I told her so she could get off. In a stra...ned voice that made me know that she was having an orgasm, Tina said, “It’s OK. I’m on the pill and I love the feeling of hot cum filling my pussy.”Almost before she had finished saying that, I was squirting my seed deep into her. I groaned and jerked as several blasts of my stuff washed her insides. She shook and moaned, “Oh fuck yes. I love it. . She replied that's fine, but our next drink is in that jacuzzi. I didn't think anything of it and said sure.She made us another round and I went up to draw our bath. When tiff got upstairs, she had 4 tumblers filled with our drinks, saying we're going to be in here a while. Then she asked where I kept my pajamas, if she'd be able to borrow a pair for later, and if I minded if she picked for us both. I told her where they were as I added a bath bomb to the tub.When she walked back in, she was. Then his brain snapped as the realization kicked in. He wasn’t thinking about her predicament now but his own. There was no way of her knowing that it wasn’t her mother sucking his cock but it was her aunty Sarah who was actually doing it. “Fuck,” his brain screamed. Then he thought about his wife. “Fuck,” again he heard himself saying when he knew his daughter would easily hear her mother’s sexual screams coming from the other end of the house. “Fuck,” again it hit him that Karen wouldn’t. “Leave us for a minute, please,” she asked them. “And tell them to turn off the cameras too.”Both guards nodded and stepped out into the hallway. When they were gone, she sat back down and faced him.“You wrote me a fucking poem,” he asked, too upset that she didn’t bring him any of the things he’d asked her to get for him on the outside and ready to mock whatever it was to question what she’d said to the guards or notice that they did so without a word upon Helena’s request. She noticed the red.

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