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" A soft chuckle, "I like that." Kelly?" Hmm... ?" Kelly, darlin', We have to get up."She made a soft sound of disapproval, as she snuggled tighter."Y...s, you do," said a voice from the other room.We froze, fear coursing through both of us."Daddy?"Daddy? OH SHIT!"I have to use the restroom," said the voice. "You two get yourselves together, while I do that."I heard his footsteps fade, then the creak of a door.Kelly looked up at me and I met her eyes.Sparkling laughing blue eyes."Oops," She. He turned his plane's nose toward the station's namesake, Willow Lake, some miles to the south, Razor and Digger following eagerly.Back at RCAF Station Willow Lake, Lieutenant Solway was on an inspection tour, Private Charles Boucherville in tow making notes. Second Squad was manning the guard posts – towers and front gates. Although armed with C8 carbines, the men at the main gate didn't have rounds – the platoon was still so raw from Basic Training that neither he nor Captain Whitefeather. “Don’t stand there, babe, we have only one lunch break hour” Hurried me Thomas.He introduced me to the other guys. “Alfred has an eight inches piece; Harry has only six inches but is also very thick and the last one is called “Long” for obvious reasons” He said that pointing to the youngest lad with an eleven inches heavy and thick boner. “Guys, she is our today’s lunch cunt Anita” He said to the unknown men.Then Jonas and Mick grabbed me like last night and laid me on the bed.Thomas started to. Heard knock at the door, we were like k**s ran up on by parents. Got my pants fixed and she got dressed. Sit to the table, I will get ride of her. Well she did not, was her neighbor asking/ I see the police are you ok. You look shook up, has someone beat you up? No was just dancing with the officer I am having for dinner. Let me see, went on to her coming in and before she left I had a call. I found a parking lot close by and next time I parked the car. walked to Martha's house. We fucked like.

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