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He said can we do 69 and I replied “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” and I didn’t do it ;). I took his cock deep almost at the base of my mouth now. I was movin... my mouth back and forth. He was enjoying every bit of it. He closed his eyes and was moaning with a grin.After few minutes of blowjob, he woke up and said. “I can’t hold it any longer cutie, I want to get inside you”. I stopped and came up to him to kiss him on his lips. I fell on him with my boobs crushing his chest and we kissed for a couple of. Lkin uss time mujhe bhi kafi dard ho rhi thi mera lun manoo jal rha ho….Mera lun abhi 2 inch bahar tha main use dobara kiss krne lga aur uske aanshu pee rha thaPhir jab woh thodi shaant hui toh maine dheere dheere apna lun andar bahar krna shuru kr diya kafi takleef ho rhi thi uss time hum dono k lkin 5-10 min. K baad humein mzaa aane lga jab riya bhi mazee lene lgi toh main ek aur zor ka dhakka mara aur pura lun uski fuddi may daal diya woh chila udhi aur boli ki tuunnheeee meriiiii. I began with a few slow thrusts to find my feet before finally beginning to thrust at a quicker rate. After a few more minutes of thrusting, I took hold of both of Rebeccas moon shaped, golden cheeks as I slowed my pace so I could begin to massage them. I looked into the mirror opposite and smiled. Rebeccas eyes were closed and her face was contorted into that of glorious ecstasy, while I stood over her, appearing masterful. Keeping my eyes on her face, I unleashed a light spank onto her right. After thirty minutes of getting blowjob from Svetlana, Barry slowly withdrew his cock out of Svetlana?s mouth, saying to Barry, ?Her mouth is all yours. How about I hold her up for you.? ?No it?s ok. I think I am going to lie down and she can lay her face on my cock while I rest my back on this ground,? Barry chuckled. Barry helped Svetlana?s feet touch the floor and moved his cock out ofher tiny ass. Barry took Svetlana by her little hand, towards a spot. He told her, ?Now listen. This is what.

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