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We switched sides and kept walking. She was short enough that she could tuck her head in against my shoulder and let my body block the wind for her. "...t was one of the happiest days in my long life when I was asked to take up this task," she said with a smile. "I have always loved watching the magic do its work." That may have been true, but I watched the smile fade from her face. We walked in silence up to my house. We stopped on the sidewalk and she turned me to face her. "We never knew what. I told her if you want this gift you have to do whatever I say and obey me from today. She said I always did that and asked me, have I not kept you happy?I said yes bhabhi you have but not in all ways you see. She was thinking of the meaning of my sentence. Then I told her okay first let’s play truth or dare. She asked now? I said yes now, and she agreed and sat on the bed and I removed a pen and spin it.It was my turn to face her.Smrithi: haha, okay truth or dare?Me: Truth.Smriti: let’s play. "Runt, Fatso, Foxy Bitch," nicknames that went by so fast, I couldn't catch them all."The Stings" was the name above a circle emblem with an ornate scorpion stitched inside on the backs of their Levi jackets. "It's my nature" was the motto emblazoned underneath. Many had cut the sleeves off to make vests and for some, whether man or woman, that's all they wore They were loud, hell, they made more noise than their cycles. Headgear varied from rolled bandana sweatbands to German WWII helmets. I was about to walk away when I saw a handsome older man come out of the theater and walk up to the ticket window. He talked to the ticket agent for a few moments then looked straight at me and smiled. He went back into the theater. His smile made me decide it was now or never. Fear of getting caught on one hand, and a hard on that needed my hand on the other.I walked up to the guy in the ticket booth and put my two dollars in front of him. He smile at me with a wicked nasty smile and said..

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