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With his tongue flicking quickly and strongly over her clit he stuck two fingers inside her, she was warm and welcoming. She pressed her hips upward s...arply, wanting his fingers in deeper. He could feel the passionate throbbing of her pussy against his fingers, he pressed them in harder and deeper. With a speed that matched that of his tongue across her clit he pressed and pulled his fingers in and out. With a desperate attempt to keep his tongue caressing her clit he reached down and removed. "You seemto have a sticky effect on many bladders in the room this evening I bet." Not funny." Kenny pointed his nail at her and pretended he was thinking."And you know auntie, you wanted me to make sure not to screw with hishead if I remember right, but I?m thinking this little unintendedscrewing will not have a negative effect on your relationship or screwwith your honeymoon! Will it?" Yeah probably not, doll," laughed his aunt. "But don?t be disrespectful,young lady." Sorry." Ryan rolled his. ..MMMMM Yeah I'd like that! He took me in his arms and kissed me and his long tongue snaked deep licking my tonsils it got me so horny I just had to see his cock so I broke the kiss and slid down his body I unbuckled his belt and opened his pants when I pulled them down I got a glimpse of his long cock it was hanging down the right side of his underwear I saw a vein pulsing in it to the beat of his heart it was hanging almost to his knee OMFG I had to have this cock! So I pulled down his. ” Then, a little to put her on the spot, but mostly just to know, I asked, “So-oo, how did you like the naked afternoon?”“It was great! I feel ... I don’t know ... free. Yeah, that’s it. I feel free. It’s wonderful.”I smiled at her, but then she dashed into the dining room, saying, “Come on,” over her shoulder. When Rhee and I got there, she was standing in front of the picture window, legs spread, and arms raised over her head waving frantically at a passerby.“Hey! I’m naked. I’m free,’ she.

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