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Kayla took me deep into her pretty mouth, her hands reaching up to grasp my cock. She pulled me deeper into her mouth, pursing her lips tighter cock and sucking hard.Then Kayla moved her head back, and pumped her hand up and down me while her mouth and tongue stimulated my sensitive head. I felt my cock swell and knew that Kayla was about to receive my load. Amazed, I felt my fingers tingle, and my ass clench, and then I exploded.I shot the first jet against the roof of Kayla's mouth. ? ?Yes, sir, I?d be delighted, sir.?? Of course, the suck-and-fuck slut had beenunable to stay still lying on the tiles, water pouring up its shit-hole, andcalmly allow the two males to jump on it.?So they had to stamp on it quite severely and hit it hard with thelavatory brush to keep it in position.? I liked it when sailor boy got so angry hejust stood on its face with all his weight.?I do appreciate these primitive brutalities and I was pleased with mysuggestion to sailor boy, which had. His body wanted it.. in him. It was likerealizing that he was hungry. That was weird, as he'd never in his lifewanted a cock before, but there was no denying what his brain told him ashe stared at Pat.So Jake stopped rubbing his friend, and leaned in, bringing his lips tothe tip of Pat's cock. He gently, slowly touched them to it, just a bit,tasting a tiny amount of saltiness. It didn't taste bad, not really, andhe realized that it was fine. He opened his mouth wider and leaned inagain, gliding. "It is! My pussy is soaking wet!" Emily exclaimed, once again, oblivious to the lewd comments she was making about herself now."Well, you have to prove it Emily, take your panties off." Emily slid her panties off at the behest of Candy to reveal her cleanly shaven lips, but instead of tossing the panties to the front, she gave them to Candy, who wished to inspect them."Okay Emily, show us your pussy." Mindy asked, and Emily propped her feet up onto the car's seats, spreading her legs wide.

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