We then head inside and a to the kitchen where Kelly switched on the kettle to make us a cup of hot chocolate before bed. As the kettle boiled, Kelly ...nd I went to undressed and slip into our much more comfortable pjs. I returned to the kitchen and started pouring the boiled water into our mugs and then.....,When my cousin Kelly returned......,She returned with....., and handed me a pink vibrator and said, " I'm sure this will come un use for you tonight, Miss Naughty bitch." A bit flustered I. My own hands were no longer keeping me satisfied and I let out a small frustrated whimper as the ache increased. I began looking around for things to stick inside of me: and empty wine bottle, the handle of a spatula, a green banana. Nothing seemed sufficient so I settled for the banana. I realized it was suddenly quiet and I wasnt sure how long it had been. I turned to see Devin standing in the door watching me. I almost jumped but instead gave him what I hoped was a bored inquiring look. . Use your belt on her big ass. Do it hard so I can hear what you are doing.“She likes it doesn’t she?”“That is so good honey, he is stroking his thick, ten-inch erection at the same time with his other hand.”The commentary she provided for both me and her man as I fucked her was a huge turn on.“Michael is fucking me now honey. Right now I am naked apart from my heels, resting on my elbows bending over a table with my legs wide apart. And best of all he is huge, ten-inches and thick.“And he is. It was my call. I did what I needed to do, tugged his shorts and briefs down and exposed his big cock.If you had asked me what I would be doing now, five minutes ago, I would have blank stared you and wondered myself. Now I had cock and boy was I busy and occupied. I was sucking his big stiffy with his engorged knob. My hand was clenched on his shaft. My lips were shaped around his happy head. He was yanking back on my ponytail to push deeper, in and out of my gob. His pecker, so saliva.

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