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“It was all a bit rushed and I couldn’t believe what had happened.” “Did you fuck again? My blood was racing through my veins. “Yes. A few d...ys later.” She said looking wistfully.“Was it better that time?” “It was slower, but he just wanted to fuck. No real foreplay like we do. Just strip and fuck.” She sounded disappointed. “How many times?” By this time I was about to cum. “Only twice, then I found someone else.” With that I exploded in her hand. The vision of some guys cum on her tits was. He began to move his hands up and down my back and I could feel his cock sliding up and down. At this point my ass was opening up more and more but never did I want to get fucked by a cock. I was not ready for the next level but I still was in a trance. I then noticed that he stopped massaging me with both hands and that he had one hand on his engorged cock.I then felt the other hand slide up my ass hole and put pressure on my virgin ass. He wanted to finger my ass and jack himself off. I began. “I love you more than anything in the world” I said tenderly still gently rocking into her squishy vagina. “I’d be naïve to think that you’ve not been with other men. You’re an amazingly beautiful woman.”My wife’s breathing now quickened.“You really think so?” she asked.“I do” I replied…. “And it’s that reason that I’d like to see you turn on another guy and watch his reaction as he can’t believe his good fortune of being with the sexiest woman alive!”“Oh My GOD!” my wife said softly. “You. Ok so maybe not any man this man,But whatever enough let me tell you how we started this wonderful feeling love affair ladies get out your toys and men get oyur ladies mouth ready your gonna need it.. So he and I were both married to sperate people it just so happened that we were both having issues in our marriages my husband and I were seperating. When I called my good friend fwho we will call jhon for a shoulder to cry on it just so happened that he was also estranged from his wife.. And was.

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