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"And now it's the turn of fucking Eric fucking Esterhazy," he yelled. "Die you fucking cunt! Just fucking die! Harr! Harr! His fucking nose is smashed... Kill the cunt!"Emily wasn't too sure what half the words meant but they were still words she'd heard many times before. Cunt. Shit. Pee-pee. Shut the fuck up. And every word or expression was usually prefixed by 'fucking' for emphasis."Fuck sake, Emily," shouted her mummy, Olive, who was holding a joint in her hand and wearing nothing but a pair. I opened the door, then turned to look at him."Thanks for a great evening, Chris," I said, reaching up onimpulse to kiss him on the cheek before darting into my room andclosing the door.Early the next morning we were being driven from Manhattan to thesmall private airport where the plane was waiting to whisk us awayto Scythia. I could barely contain my excitement. Beside me in thelimo was Chris, who looked as if he'd has a restless night.I respected his tiredness enough to let the journey pass. Six up and six down for a clean sweep, as long as there are no more. The numbers match the new group so she thinks that’s it, for this time. She looks up at Pat, and smiles on seeing him leaning on the rock while he throws up, a very common reaction to a person’s first real combat firefight.Erin walks toward Pat, and smiles when she sees him reloading his guns while still leaning on the rock for support. She gets out her phone to call Sarge and tell him where they are as well as what happened.. I actually enjoy cum when its consistency is thick so I swallowed it willingly. The thickness made it taste very tangy, but good. I moved out of the way and Reggie got up and with his wet, half hard dick swinging around,Reggie left and went to the bathroom There was knock on the door and Samantha open it glad you guy's could make it, I that him? Yep Dam he's already naked, I looked up and there were three guys did not recognized any of them, Brian who was the only white guy who also played.

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