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And then she cheated on me."Silence hung in the air."" Julie asked. For a moment, Sharon considered not tellingher. But they were best fri...nds, and only by knowing could Julie reallyunderstand the depth of her hurt.When she'd finished, telling her of the changes that had washed over andthrough her body, how she had become softer, fuller, lovelier, she heldher breath, terrified that poor Julie would be chased away. But Julie satstaring into her teacup. She said nothing."I hope you. Brian was now like a man-possessed, climbed onto Sonja, and without delay, plunged his rock hard cock deep into her pussy. Now Sonja really started cumming. Brian was hammering away on her pussy as she was rolling her head back and forth, and repeatedly crying out to the gods above.I wondered how the two of them would deal with Brian’s cum when he climaxed. I doubted she would want to walk into the club with cum running down her legs. It wasn’t long before we all found out, as Brian let. Molly, it turned out, had done the right thing after all.Occasionally, after one of the guys had gotten his knob waxed, he'd stick around for a second round with one of us. We had bonded quickly, and that meant that, more often than not, she shared her leftovers with me. And I didn't mind a bit. If a guy was a little squirrelly, she'd tip one of the other girls, usually one of the ones she'd been with at the Prime Cut. But she saved the best pieces for me, and I had some great fucks that. My cock was fully erect now from watching Ruth and Donna and it stood out from my crotch straining for relief. Donna rubbed the oil into Ruth's tits and proceeded to massage Ruth to a frenzy spreading her ass cheeks and massaging Ruth's anal pucker as she finger fucked Ruth to climax. Ruth bucked on Donna's probing fingers as Donna fingered Ruth's hot cunt and asshole while she pulled and twisted Ruth's stiff pink nipples. Ruth came quickly and Donna got down between Ruth's spread legs and.

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