I could already ready feel her body starting to shudder. She bit down on her hand to avoid making noise and I braced myself as her supporting leg went...loose. She came hard. She regained her legs as her orgasm subsided and I stood up. She started to lower herself to suck me. I stop her and said, “No! It’s too late for that!” I spun her around and bent her forward against the wall. I entered her roughly, she let out a load moan.I slapped her right cheek and reminder her to be quiet but she was. ME! ... I apologized for breaking the same rule that you two broke today. Would either one of you deny that you broke It?" No Sir." They were starting to tear up now. NOT a good tactic to employ with me."I could have let you pay for the jealousy, with a severe whipping, and a few other things. I've let you keep those virgin ass holes for a reason. Let that one sink in, my loves."Adrian looked at me like a deer caught in the headlights. Amy tried to pull the "tough girl" look.Both wilted before. I tried to stop but eventuially i gave in and he took them off.He wasted no time and started undressing me hurridly and shoved his cock into my mouth. at first i nearly vomited but i got used to it and just gave into him, he was pushing my head down until i gagged but i was kind of getting off on it surprisingly. i wouldnt let him cum in my mouth and saw sense so stopped all this and lied down in another room. 10 mins later he came in and woke me (fell asleep drunk) with camera flash. he. I spent many summers when I was young in Lucca, Tuscany and in that area there’s a memorial to her that I’ve seen several times. It’s in the village where she was born. Are you interested in me being in the movie?’ ‘I’m considering you as director. I heard you on TV recently say you’d been assistant director.’ ‘Oh but that was only at high school. I would be unable to direct a movie.’ ‘Oh how disappointing. I need a director with some Italian experience.’ ‘I’ll gladly play Sophia?’ Paul grinned.

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