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" Why didn't the authorities protect you? Surely, you were not the only merchant to receive extortion threats!" Ha! You are as much a stranger as attests! The authorities were receiving a portion of Jasphat's income to allow him to operate." In that case, you and the other merchants should combine your resources and hire some real protection. In fact, I am looking for a job. I am a mercenary soldier looking for employment. Would you people be interested?" By the gods, are you that. And that's not my fault. I am completely clueless about what you mean." The tears came then. Sonni knew that he was right, from his point of view. She knew that this was one of those 'Men are from Mars' things. She was a bit surprised when he took her in his arms and held her until she stopped crying. It took him a while to learn that was the only thing that would help when they reached an impasse. Charlie knew that wasn't the end of this issue. He knew that Sonni wouldn't be happy until he. . I came like a tidal wave, I was just lost as I climaxed, shouting, "Oh, God, Oh, God....Marcus, stop, Oh, God...!!" It seemed to last an hour, and when it was done, I was exhausted, physically as well as emotionally. I can't believe I had an orgasm in front of my son. I was too exhausted to ponder the fact that my son had caused my orgasm. He kissed me tenderly on the neck. "Mother, this is something you've wanted for a long time, you've just not known how to handle it. I won't think ill. Also, a little makeup, not that she needs any, but every girl likes to experiment with makeup. Get her a poster or two. You know, stuff."I didn't think about this for long."Tell you what, Fritz and I have to go into town this week anyway and we can as well do that tomorrow as any other day, so why don't the two of you come with us? We can have a nice dinner afterwards and make a day out of it." Great!" She exclaimed, giving me a hug and rushing off to tell Charlotte the good news.Fritz and I.

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