She was already naked and let her body slide against mine and I must say it was enjoyable. For the rest she behaved just like me and after several min...tes of tonging the show was over. I thanked her for the invite and gave an extra kiss on her lips. As last player my name came out the jar… I also choose a dare, it just seemed more exciting than giving an answer on a silly question… the innocent hand picked for me: 5 men in a row - my boyfriend included - me also blindfolded - had to feel their. Neither one of us would winany of those WHO'S WHO vote or a popularity contest.Kevin would make a perfect 'Harry Potter' double except that he hasflaming red curly hair that with his small stature, makes him more of a'Little Orphan Annie' double.Don't get me wrong, Kevin has NEVER dressed as a girl, but has been PeterPan and a Satyr for Halloween and a play. He is not one to let other'sname calling get to him too much. And why should he when he can trounceanybody who lays a hand on him?Kevin. She smiled. A tiny, hint of a smile. And then she slowly, seductively,took the olive out of the glass with her pretty fingers, showing offbright red manicured nails and popped it in her beautifully made up mouthwith equally red lips."Was that an invite?" I wondered to myself, my heart beating fast. I wasMichael, a good looking 32-year-old marketing executive with arelationship status that just said 'adventurous'. Well, here was mychance for some adventure.I mustered some courage and approached. " Of course we can my love."She stepped out of her panties and I picked them up as I stood up and pulled down my zipper. "Just look out at the beautiful view, " I said as I took out my cock and moved up behind her. "Spread your legs a little," I said and when she did I lined myself up with her pussy. She was wet and I said, "See sweetie, you really want this. You're dripping wet down there."I stepped forward and worked my cock into her and she moaned and then giggled out, "Oh baby, this is bad,.

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