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I think of my family situation and I have no other choice and I accepted the deal and we discussed about the rate for my mom and finally agreed for 3 ...akhs and our contract is for 2 years. After that she will be paid on daily basis. Then he gave me advance of Rs. 25,000 and asked me to take my mom to a good beauty parlor and get some good sexy dresses.I returned back home and thought not to disclose the agreement to her. She waiting for me eagerly and enquired about the meeting I lied that she. That was a small part of the reason for our mission. There was a command and control center set up there. So we went in." He paused."Well?" Adam asked. "What happened?" What happened was a full scale fire fight. We got the drop on them though. The ones who we did not kill ran back into the mountains. We were pulled back from chasing them to help search for the information. We should have gone after them and killed them, because they came back that night. They launched a full scale assault. We. ’ ‘Oh yes, good thinking. If she’s agreeable I’ll let Harry know so he accepts the situation.’ * * * Before Terry King tested Jimmy’s knowledge and discussed his techniques, he asked: ‘What do you know about my relationship with Mrs Street?’ ‘All she said was she was an old friend of yours.’ ‘You lying prick, she told me she’d informed you confidentially we’d been having it off for a long time.’ ‘I deny that.’ Terry grinned and said approvingly, ‘You lying bastard. Well that’s proved you have. Stephanie brought her hand down hard on Maria’s ass, first one cheek and then the other. Maria squealed as Stephanie watched the red marks appear on her mom’s fantastic butt.“You” Steph said spanking Maria again. “Are” slap. “Very” slap. “Naughty.” Slap.Maria bit into the bed clothes as she was spanked. She loved being spanked and the role reversal made it even more thrilling.Stephanie stopped and admired her mom’s ass. God she was so hot. Steph hoped she looked this good when she was her age..

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