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Right away shebegan taking control of me verbally. "You didn't thank me. Thank yourmistress," she commanded me, and so I did.When she had had enough...of my gentle oiling of her ass, she told me tokiss it. I began kissing her ass. It was a very submissive and humil-iating act to do, but I kissed her ass over and over and I loved it."Thank your mistress for letting you kiss her ass," she commanded me. Idid, but it did not sound sincere enough for her, and she made me repeatit until it met. “So, what do you think?” He asked me smiling. I was about to tell him that it appeared that he had a nice dick but then I realized that he was asking about the shoes.“It fits perfect. But price is bit high though, you could maybe give me a discount?”“I would love to, but my boss would kill me if I did that.” He watched as my hand slowly worked towards his now fully hard cock.“Please? Is not there something we could work out?” I moaned, looking in his eyes…“Maybe there is some form of. She closed her eyes as she heard the soft padding of bare feet come across the timber floors. She felt the warmth of Daniel ’s breath against her neck as he knelt behind the bath. Brushing aside her hair he placed his slightly open mouth on her neck, his tongue pressing lightly to her bare skin. He looked down her body. His eyes drinking in her pert breasts, wondering at their incredible beauty. He admires the outer curve, shaping so elegantly towards her nipple. He cant resist touching every. “What?”“You know, do you think that they have slept together?” His mother spat out the words like rancid milk.“I don’t know, how should I?” replied Mike, looking out the window.“Tell us the truth, Mike. This is very important.” she said, her voice quivering with emotion.“Honest, I don’t know. I know she really likes him. He seems OK to me. What’s happened?”“Nothing, we hope.” offered his father. “We had a phone call from someone who suggested that she might have done some bad things. I don’t.

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