We were getting deep into this now and eventually, I shifted by concentration to Aditi’s legs and worked upwards. As I proceeded, I unabashedly sights on Nisha’s body. I knew she was aware of me looking at her exposed body, but I was beyond caring. I watched as Prashant kneaded her buttocks.At some point Prashant must have noticed me ogling his wife and he began to put on a show for me. He would squeeze her buttocks and part them as much as he could in the confines of her panty. He. The ladies had supper earlier than was the norm. It was still light when they all finished eating. Marty looked around and said, “I think I’ll head on home now. Unless you need me, I plan to do some work there over the next few days.”Marty looked over at Callie and said, “Callie, I’ll be back the first of next week to help with your place if that’s OK. I have several things I really need to finish at home before we start. Do you intend to build a larger cabin or a small one to meet the minimum. First of all, Jillian hadn’t worn pants since the previous night - after her escapades at Starbucks, she’d gone on a shopping spree, looking specifically for clothes that emphasized her best feature. The (male) shop assistants had been more than happy to help out, and after two hours of men staring at her ass, Jillian had practically floated home.Why stop there? she’d told herself. After all, it wasn’t anything sexual - in a moment of honesty, Jeff had told her the previous night exactly how. "What happened?" You died, you took the soulwalk, and you were reborn in the body ofanother."Standing, I looked down at my body. I was dressed in the short-skirtedtunic and sandals of a Roman legionary, my helmet, breastplate, andweapons leaning against the tentpole. Silently, Katinya handed me asmall metal mirror. It showed me a stranger's face. I touched my short,blond hair, so different from the shoulder length dark mane I was usedto."Marcus Arcadian," said Katinya. "That's who that body.

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