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My name is Nancy. It's a warm sunny summer afternoon. I lay on the terrace and sunning myself. While I had read a book while I noticed how there was a...rustling in the bushes. I thought nothing of it at first, thinking it might be a cat, and read my book on. But again and again there was a rustling in the bushes, so I was intrigued, and then ran to the bushes. But I could not see. Put me back on my couch and me on sunned. I did not realize that watching me the whole time 2 men aged 22 years.. All of the men just smiled to see how submissive these ladies were.Once in the bedroom, Mike told both women to lay on the bed and then he proceeded to tie both of their hands to the headboard.“Sir, what do you have planned for us? I see all of them are black and I assume have very large cocks, so please tell us that we will get fucked senseless by these men.”“Daddy, I have never had black cock, they won’t hurt me, will they?”“Kitten, yes you will be fucked senseless and they will use all three. "Bob is the scene of crime expert but that stocking is so firmlyembedded in the victim's neck that I'd probably rule out autoeroticasphyxiation and with his hands cuffed to the bedposts it obviouslywasn't suicide, although accidental death during autoeroticasphyxiation by a third party cannot be ruled out just yet." Brendanmoved away from the corpse so that Bob could take over."You can see here the abrasions to his wrists where he struggled whilehe was being strangled but my guess is he. She was crying in pain and could not to manage the pain her body is receiving from Ashok.Sanjana never thought in her dreams that her body will be subjected to such a rough treatment. That too from those whom she trusted. Ashok gripped her boobs and molested it hard while fucking her pussy hard.I was feeling pity for Sanjana, as even I didn’t expect this much from Ashok. Finally, after 30 minutes of vigorous fucking, he cummed inside her pussy and took his penis out of her. Ashok slapped on her.

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