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" Excellent, then just for tonight, I'm in charge, all you have to do is follow my lead and cum as often as you can manage." Sure ... Umm ... Yes Miss... ... Ma'am." There was now way I was going to spend all evening calling her Mistress, I didn't even do that for Chris, so Ma'am would have to do, even though it brought back memories of Toni, memories that had my need drooling, straining to be released."I've already ordered for us, and just bottled water," she paused to emphasise her words, "I. Roberts?” A voice interrupted his thoughts. He looked up, one of his students was standing in front of him, smiling sweetly. He couldn’t remember her name but he remembered a hot red skirt she wore on the second day of class. He fantasized about her that night, touching himself, thinking of his hands ripping the skirt from her hips. “I-I’m Chloe,” she said, still smiling. “Can I talk to you about the quiz?” She was petite, tiny even, with long red hair that draped her shoulders, a soft pink. She was in a hurry as normal to disrobe. But I was taking time, and making my moves according to my plan. After a few seconds, of showing her back to the guys, I removed her shirt.She was in a bra, showing her back to those guys. While kissing, I generally rub her back, and I was doing it. A few seconds later, I removed the clasp of the bra and was moving my hands freely on her back. The guys were really excited to see a topless girl, but they could see her back.While rubbing her back, I was. You tell me how you'd like to run your hands over my tits and squeeze and fondle them. This gets me feeling horny and I can't help but stick them out even further and lean forward so you can get a better look. You reach under the table, take my hand and press it into your crotch. You've really got a hard-on now and I run my hand over your stiff cock. I slip down under the table and unzip your jeans, taking out your cock and wanking it, then begin to curl my tongue around the end, sliding it.

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