Tee was a straight 10 and nobody could deny that. She made her way over to me on the bed and began to take my clothes off. She started with my shirt m...king sure to press her supple tits with perfect silver dollar sized nipples. Her body was truly a work of art and some sign of the existence of God. She licked her way down my body, sliding my pants off to reveal my half-staffed cock. She grabbed my cock into her hand and stared for a brief moment. She then gently put the head into hear mouth,. "As good as could be expected. Business has been slow with the war in Tyrin, but we make due on the weekends. What brings you back to the Capital?" "Business. I'm following a lead on a band of bandits in the High Country. Seems they've been robbing just about everyone who comes through the Mountain Pass." "Yes, I've heard of them. Call themselves the 'Festering Hand.' Rather morbid name if you ask me." Kisa was didn't follow up the comment, and her eyes seemed deep in thought. "Something. ??It is, and you haven’t seen the half of it,? he replied, ?We’ll have to show you around once you are settled in.??Is anybody else around?? she asked as she looked around the common area.?No, you’re the first to arrive. So, what room are you in?? He asked as he easily hoisted her bags.?8B, which is ? that one,? she pointed to one of the rooms and started walking towards it, lugging one of her suitcases. She opened the door, and noted how much bigger this room was then the one in her parents. Gary couldn’t believe his ears, “well Babs, what do you want me to do about it?” he said, “you laid down the rules”. “Well Gary” she began “I want you to fuck me”,Babs uncrossed her legs to expose her white knickers, she lifted herself onto the work-top and parted her legs fully. Gary walked over to her and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back, he kissed her roughly on her mouth and neck, she gasped in delight, but said nothing. They continued to kiss and she propped herself.

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