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..too much already."Kelly, I heard your BFF went to The Party. Is it true?" Damn it! Now Ihave to play gatekeeper to her rumors."Shut up," I counter... "I'm trying to pay attention." Come on! Tell me. Is it true? Is Zoey really a slut?"I attempt to ignore him. Rusty can be a royal ass sometimes."I hear you two do everything together. Did you get preggers, too?"Ignore! Ignore! He's just trying to get a rise out of you."I bet she's a monster in bed. You'd know, right? You two are. I don't think I should." I felt Mommy's body drop down to acushioned landing. "I'm pregnant after all." Yeah, I get that," said Tina, "but you wouldn't have to worry about that.Not with my brownies."I somehow felt Mommy nod her head. "I believe you. I guess I'd believeanything after this." Mommy patted her belly.Tina chuckled. "Yeah, getting transmogrified tends to have that effect.Still, your groovin' on this, aren't you?" That's part of the magic, isn't it, making me enjoy it?" You ain't. "I asked, "So who are our other two friends?"The male driver answered, "Dave Pettit, former Lance corporal, USMC."The woman told me, "Cassandra Lawson, EX Tech Sergeant, U.S. Air Force."Eddie spoke up again, "How does all this happen, how does your sisterturn out to be in with the rebel alliance, or whatever they are?"Miss Lawson spoke up and told him, "We're the Patrick Henry society, andfor the most part, we're patriots and we haven't had much to gripe aboutrealistically. When we do we try to. Entering the bedroom he found Susan awake and staring at the ceiling " Are you awake?" Yes I've been awake for a while, I just don't feel like getting out of bed"Early handed her the coffee as she sat up, arranging the pillows behind her so she could lean back against the headboard, "Then stay in bed and sleep, there's no good reason for you to get up if you don't want. How's the coffee?" Perfect as always." Susan took another sip and Early stood awkwardly in silence staring at her. She truly.

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