They always praised me for how tidy I kept them, and how I always carefully put away all my toys. I had many toys, my father was quite generous in thi... regard, from every journey he brought me pretty dolls in garments of precious fabrics, and doll houses, and carved animals, and wooden ships, and carts with real wheels, and castles complete with warriors, handmaids, artisans, court-jesters, princesses, princes, towers, turrets, balconies, draw-bridges, dungeons, and moats. It was little effort. She looked down embarrassed, seeing her little boys missing wee wee. After cleaning up the mess she made, she ran down the stairs, forgetting about how many times she'd told Andy not to run in the house. For some reason she felt like she had a lot of energy. Andy went to his bedroom to find something to do, and was again amazed at how small everything looked to him. He saw his Sesame Street book, and opened it up to look at the pictures. His Daddy had taught him to write his own name,. Wide eyed, she mouthed, "I think he plans to propose an engagement." What the hell?1 "I thought it was only the dance. This is impressive. Good. Very good."2 "Good enough. Quite good in fact."Sheila:The word "ambivalent" always fascinated me—two incompatible emotions at once. That would cover my wedding. I was never one of those girls that spends high school dreaming of her wedding day, nor her wedding night. My daydreams involved spotlights and curtain calls, til it happened. After that, the. OHGODIMCUMING sshhitttttt!!"Richard heard her beg him to stop and he smiled to himself as he stood up, walked to the front of the table and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down and kissed him again."What about you Richard, you haven't cum yet. You have been so good to me that I want to take care of you too ... please?" Awww Mrs. Woodward, that's alright ... honest but not tonight. I mean just helping you get off is pleasure enough for me ... besides I have.

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