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She masturbated me till we reach Ghatkesar , during that I cummed three times.We got down at uppal bus stand and took auto to reach kukatpalli as she ...ives in KPHB colony. She is a widow staying with her children and father in-law.After reaching temple bus stop I bid her bye and told her that we need to meet once to have sex, she asked me whether I stay alone at my room, I told her that I was staying at hostel . Then we decided to meet at her home when there were no one. After that I left to. Please don’t be afraid. Than I stopped my car n hugged her n she was feeling comfortable but I wasn’t. Her huge boobs were touching my chest n my cock was getting to erect. Than I smooched her n I gave her the wildest n hot smooch to her n I ate her lipstick from her lips n bite her hot lips than we smooched for 10 mins than I started to press her boobs from outside n my cock was hard n eager to come out. Than I kissed on her eyes nose cheeks n started licking her neck n my arms were down on. . FUCK ME HARD!" I shouted out in ecstasy."Oh my, you do take after me way to much little girl. You only want hard fuckings" Shereplied.It was then she granted my request and started pounding me hard. My entire body wasnow on fire and loving every moment of this. I couldn't believe another woman wasfucking me just as well as any man could. "Oh yes!! YESS! So Good!!" I shouted out to her.Mom kept pounding me so deep and fast, over and over again. My body couldn't resistthis pleasure. My own. You are doing so well. I won’t last much longer. If you want my cum in your mouth just say yes Daddy. If not just take it out and jerk it off on your face.” For the first time with a mouth full of cock I say” Yes Daddy!” He starts to pump in and out of my mouth but not going too deep. Then I feel it get thicker. The head is huge! And then it lets lose. I know what my cum tastes like. His is thicker and hotter and so much more of it. I suck and swallow all of it like I have been doing it for.

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