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“I'm cumming,” I said. I thought of Jane listening at the door, hearing me and her son climax and shoot cum over ourselves. I moaned softly and li...ked Adam's shoulder, pretending Jane tasted just like him. I arched my back. He looked down to watch me squirt which I did though Adam's big hand. When he reached the base of my cock more cum spewed out of my slit. I was leaning towards Adam so should have covered him, but he aimed my cock at me so all my ejaculate landed on me. The first thick white. Her head rose and fell on my penis; I pulled her clothing aside so they could see my wife's construction.Cassius moved up his wife's body, and, positioned his penis against her. He pushed into her then, turned his head to stare between Olivia's legs. Pushed my wife's head from my manhood, then, positioned her on her back beside Farah.Pulling Olivia's garment out of the way, I made sure he could see all of her that he wanted. Cassius obliged me by doing the same with Farah's clothing. Cassius. He lay me down on the bed and then crawled in with me. He half lay on top of me as we kissed. I felt his hand move down to my pussy. I spread my legs to welcome his touch. He found my pussy already wet and ready for him. I had been getting wet just thinking about this when my mother was getting packed to go.I felt him rubbing my pussy. His touch sending a thrill through me. He knew just how to excite my clit. He lightly touched and rubbed it. I moaned into his mouth as my body quivered. I loved. " I sat back down next to Lee, and took her hand in mine again. I then looked at my erstwhile mother and brother."I don't know why you did what you did to me, and I no longer care. What you did made me who I am today, and I have nothing but contempt for the both of you." I took a deep breath, then continued in a calmer voice. "I actually thought that you would accept that I am my own man, but that isn't going to happen. I kind of wonder who's been taking over cleaning the house, mowing the.

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