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Laura didn't stop licking Carrie as she came she carried on licking her and playing with the rabbit inside her. It was obvious she had used one before...and knew exactly where to put it and exactly how to make Carrie cum with it.Carrie just laid there now. Arse in the air with Laura's head buried in between her legs. I had moved so Carrie could suck me, Carrie had to stop so she could concentrate on cuming. Carrie had my dick in one hand and Scott's in the other, she carried on stroking both of. "You're so beautiful ... so sexy. All I want to do is fuck you ... rip your clothes off so I can see your sexy body," he said beginning the sexual seduction by whispering in her ear. "Your titties ... they're so gorgeous ... so voluptuous."Why she did not object to his talking dirty was still a mystery to Betsy. He had kept her standing that first time. On her feet, she was like putty in his skilled hands. Ron didn't take the time to unbutton her blouse but he merely rolled it up her body until. But I fought on, refusing to give up until the orgasm growing within me ripped through my body like a hurricane, leaving me broken, but satisfied. FUUCCCKKKK!!!! I shrieked at the top of my lungs when that dream became a reality. My body started to shake uncontrollably as wave after wave of cum shot out of my pussy. I couldnt tell if the hot nectar dripping down my thighs belonged to me or my lover, but I didnt care. All that mattered was the overpowering blissfulness of being double-teamed by. Its our honeymoon, just hire someone else to do it, She said. Kavin laughed weakly. Alright, I agree, now lets eat, Im starving, he said. They went back inside the spacious home and ate a light dinner, but they ended up back outside, looking up at the night sky. Tonight it was clear, and Masser and Secunda, the twin moons, were both full. An aurora danced across the sky, and the stars shone brightly. A shooting star rocketed across the sky, going to land somewhere that only the gods knew..

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