The water was that cold, and my prick shriveled and almost vanished. Not wanting to lose my cock, I grasped it before it disappeared and began to stro...e it, hoping to make it larger again and warmer. Almost immediately it began to feel better and my pussy-pricker responded by growing to an impressive length and as hard as the Rock of Gibraltar, so I began pleasuring it with one hand while, as most females say they do, playing with my nipples, which had become quite rigid, with the other hand. I. Now she was sitting on my lap. Her boobs were pressing against my chest and my cock was rubbing against her pussy. We started kissing, she was stroking my cock slowly. I kissed her juicy lips, kissed her neck, bit her ears. I was moving my hands all over her bareback. She had such smooth skin. In no time my cock was hard again. She lifted her hips and guided my cock towards her vagina with her hands. Slowly she sat down on my cock and my cock vanished inside her pussy.Her pussy was so soft and. I was determined to pay the woman back forhow she helped me and I wanted to wait outside her store until themorning when I could thank her properly. As I approached that alleythough, which was empty this night, I noticed the blood stains trailingdown the street were still there. I followed them to the bench andnoticed that at 2AM there was a store still open nearby."Fancy meeting you here again." I heard behind me. I twirled around tosee the woman from before. I hadn't heard her approach at. It was his friend Dave. He had met him a couple ofyears ago in the chess club when Dave was a senior in high school and hewas still a sophomore. They had become friends and Dave came overregularly to play video games and hang out. Dave was not a veryattractive guy. He was fairly big and awkward and had not been very goodwith women as Chris had remembered. He hadn't stopped by in over a coupleof months. He was usually off at university in a nearby town, butapparently he was home for the.

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