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"Hmm. I got you," Tommy said, nodding."Ok. What's my bra size?" Alex said, showing her generous cleavage."C-Cup. Next." Damn, you're good." Why,," Tommy said."What would you recommend? Panties wise?" Now, for you... lace. Lace is sexy yet regal. Go for it. C-cups are over there," Tommy said, pointing."You're a sweetheart," Alex said, touching his cheek, then walking away. Tommy sighed deeply. He walked past the dressing rooms, where he heard faintly: "You like what you see? Hmm?"Then. ”She nudge me and whispered in my eat, “My parent are not home either.”My heart skipped a beat, did I just hear that right she wants me to go back to her house tonight.Before I could ask her if I heard correctly class already started. It was a tough 75 minutes I kept thinking about what she had said and if I did hear correctly. My imagination ran wild thinking about her being naked in front of me! I couldn’t wait till the end of the day to drive her home.Chapter 2I eagerly waited at her locker. Miriam dried herself and slipped into her tiny black panties. They didn't leave much to the imagination as they had a mesh front which allowed her neatly-trimmed bush to show through. The attractive wife applied only a light makeup as she was a natural beauty. She fixed her should length hair the way her husband liked it with an outward flip at the shoulder.Every woman has a slinky little black number and Miriam was no exception. Hers was form-fitting and showed off her fabulous form to its. I didn't know who to choose, if I was going to choose anybody at all.I got up off the floor and tried my best to speak. After what felt like an eternity, I finally said to the two, "I need a minute. Please excuse me." A rather formal thing to say, but at this point, I didn't know either of them the way I thought I did. I went to my room, and I fell onto my bed, sobbing because of the decision I would have to make sooner or later. They wouldn't let me string them both along without giving me an.

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