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There was some light, but no one was out here using it this early. I checked my watch again: 1:30. We ducked into a small shelter where I spread out t...e blanket as Janice took some food out of her bag. She had smuggled a bag of fifteen cookies out, as well as some soda. I thought I even saw a radio in there. “So tell me, does my body look like what you thought a naked boy would look like?” I asked. She shrugged. “Not really. I mean, I’ve seen porn—” I gasped in fake-horror. “Pervert!” We. I... I'm just.... I'm really going to miss you, Erik."Erik's nerves were shattering as his mother continued to talk. Every word she said was like a million hot needles stabbing him in the stomach repeatedly. The cum was liquefying, dripping down Erik’s hand, making him even more conscious of the fact that his mother was having a heart-to-heart talk with him while he held his dick in his hand, full of cum, under his desk.'This is a fucking nightmare,' he thought.Erik continued to stare at his. She was quite old when your dad started courting me and he took me to see her. I liked her straight away and she made it obvious that she liked me. One day when I was alone with her she looked at me and I thought I saw something like sadness in her eyes.Then she spoke to me and said,"I have a gift young woman, a gift that can be a blessing and a curse. I can sometimes see the future. I know that is something people will scoff at, but there is a long tradition of this in our Celtic ancestry. I. He looked down at her slim white thighs in her jean cut-offs as she knelt before him and wondered what it would be like to be thrusting between them..."Oh shit!" he exclaimed as his orgasm crashed upon him like a tidal wave. His cock started to spew, painting her fingers, and then when she let go, her face and t-shirt."Aack!" she sputtered, closing her eyes. Another, weaker spurt hit her bare midriff, and then a few drops arced weakly onto her inner thighs."Shit, Janey, I'm sorry!" Mike took.

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