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Her head hit the wall, and started bleeding, she was almost unconscious. Stupid bitch, how many guys have you been seeing?? No wonder youve been me this week, I bet youve been having sex with ten guys&hellip,I was wrong about you, you are going to regret this. He carried her into the house, and dumped her on the bed. He took her purse and threw it into the corner, and took all of her clothes off. He head was spinning, and blood was trickling down the side of her face. She was unable to. Nandita had last been to the seaside when she was 12 years old. And now at this lovely little spot, with her lover by her side she just wanted to make most of whatever time they got together.The morning was fun. After six hours of drive, the two had gone to the beach and had loads of fun in the gentle waves. Afterward, they had checked in to a posh resort where they spent the afternoon making love like there is no tomorrow. Nandita never had such a great time, and the two were so exhausted that. !!It was like a sweet dream having sex with my man. As a result when I woke I felt a great pain in my stretched ass. Lol.. It was obvious that for every action there is a reaction too..! Still his cum is on my boobs and on my face but dried. I was alone on bed. But I saw a paper on the table near the bed. There I saw his number. In that paper he wrote his number and he also write “At your service my love”.I was blushing and smiling reading that. It was a big bedroom as I say already. I went out. I caught her from the backside and was poking my cock in her ass crack and was squeezing her boobs she didn’t shout nor was trying to get away … I made her turn towards me and when I looked in her eyes I saw a lust was building and she whispered in my ears ” finally u did it what I was waiting for ” hearing this I started kissing her hard we got into deep kissing tasting each other’s saliva and my hands squeezing her ass which was very soft and I could feel she was not wearing any bra and panty.

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