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"James ... would you mind if I quit my job?" But you love it, don't you?" Well, yes ... but somehow this week I started to believe something else was ...ore important to me."James searched her face. "Is this what you really want? We don't need the money. In fact, if you like I could pay you part time to keep up with my admin. That would come out of my tax bill."Her face really lit up then. "You mean it? That's a great idea!" Absolutely. I don't actually hate the paper-work, but I could work a. I thought to call her but was confused and suddenly I got her mgsShe –“Sorry”Me-“For what”She-“For sharing her pain”Me-“It’s ok don’t be, anytime if I can help you then let me know. We are good friends now”She-“Are you sure???”Me-“YUP”She-“ Can you spare some time for me and can we meet on this coming weekend as my hubby is on tour and my kid will be going to pic”Me-“Ok done, decide the time and venue and we will meet”She-“At my home, hope no issue”Then we started sharing the non-veg jokes and. Scales would be put in at the shipping terminal and all materials exported would have certified weight tickets. Dan also suggested that we start a lab to determine the quality of the ore to bargain for better pricing on the international markets.He also recommend that we do a geological survey and seismic testing because there were indications that there were much larger deposits of natural gas and oil in Nigeria than initially thought. The current producing wells were near the coast and. ."The next I knew her mouth was wrapped around my knob again and her tongue pushed the farthest into my piss hole yet. Then while she gently tugged on my balls our eyes met as she slowly lowered her mouth on my shaft. As my cock hit the back of her throat she backed off it. Her right hand still firmly tugging my balls she lowered herself again but this time she didn't stop until she had me fully engulfed and her sweet throat was tightly wrapped around my knob and frenulum. She held it there.

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