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“So fucking sexy!” I thought to myself. Wearing a skin tight dress and heels, she looked amazing. I mean, I knew she was a boy but she had to be t...e hottest “Trap” or “CD” or “Femboy” or whatever you want to call her, on the planet! I just wanted to call her mine! She walked in with a confidence that only knowing how much I wanted her could bring. Her hips swung side to side, her lips, full and red, her brown eyes lusty and beautiful. She walked directly towards me, and only stopped when she. I watched as my girlfriends head would bob on Jim’s dick as she tried to take more of his thick cock in her mouth. Her mouth wasn’t big enough to take his whole cock, mainly just the head and a little bit more so she made no effort to deny it and had to use both hands to jack him off. Jim knew I was home, but didn’t care, he was here to get my girlfriend to swallow his load and to fuck her if he wanted. Anna didn’t know I was here and was saying dirty things like, ‘your cock is so much better. I want to feel your cock inside me. Please Daddy?”She is lightly stroking my hardening cock, making it hard to say no. Without thinking, I reach over and lightly stroke her nearest leg while imagining what her pussy must look like in that position. I figure that it must be open and wet and a lightning flash confirms that image. I also realize that she is no longer wearing her nightgown so she must have taken it off sometime. It is so arousing to have my own daughter sitting beside me … naked.. "Maybe go find a Goodwill or something," Lilith told him. "I don't need anything much. A used winter coat would be fine." I'll see what I can do."Tom always felt awkward when he had to dress now. Part of it was just the unusual feel. Humans weren't designed to wear clothing. You had to be taught to tolerate the confining fabric, one reason small kids were forever removing theirs, running around nude, annoying parents. It did not help that he was in better shape than he had ever been, than he.

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