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At the completion of the party, another $50,000 check will be deposited in the farm's account. Several days before the party, he will send his people ...o make all the arrangements for what he wants for the party, to include a full sound system in the riding arena, additional lighting thru most of the barns and outdoor areas, which will also become our property after the party." What? Is he crazy or what?" I exclaimed in disbelief."Well, apparently his sister and daughter were here sometime in. I don't know how Father found her, but I think her owner, the man who brought her here, failed in business. I suspect Father had some challenging bidders when she was auctioned.Amélie stretched. Gérard watched her with approval in his eye."Gérard, I haven't been fucked yet this morning."Her wish was Gérard's command. That's what she loved about him. After a thorough reaming by Gérard, she dozed. When she awoke he was gone.NOT A LADY[Undated entry]"I win!"Amélie sat on the small native boy, not. So I went intothe kitchen and ate by myself. I was a bit nervous because I had to keepfighting the urge to be a total bitch, it had been my habit for so longthough I really wasn't sure anymore why.After I'd eaten I went back to the living room and sat down in my usualspot on the sofa, curling my legs under myself."So how did you two meet?" I asked. I remembered they had met after I'ddone my little routine in front of Jerrod. Mom was so upset she wouldn'ttalk to me for two days after that."I. “My husband won’t be home until the weekend.” “Yes, ma’am” I took the right fork, thanking whoever was responsible for this miraculous turn of events. The walk took only a couple minutes and we chatted politely. I asked her if she had any children and she politely said no. I was not going to push the subject. Her house was clean, polished, and refined. We walked in through to the living room and she told me to grab a glass of water while she left for the bathroom. I grabbed a glass and hung.

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