She licked her lips and smiled up at me. "How did you learn to do that? I've heard that only a woman can satisfy a woman and I think I agree now." Any...ay Gail darling, that was only the beginning, even better is to come," I said as I looked over at Jerry who was kneeling down between her legs now. "It's Gerry's turn now."Jerry immediately opened her pussy lips wide again and his tongue now went to work on her again. I felt her body shake as he licked furiously across her clitoris and it was. "It really feels good to be fucking you here while I look at your wedding photo." Her photo was hung directly on top of the bed. "Since your husband can't fuck you now, I will take over his place. Answer me. Are you my slut?"She opened her eyes and looked directly at him and whispered, "You are the one that make me so." And with every bang of his cock into her pussy, she could not control any longer and cum willingly.He kept banging his cock harder with each thrust and said, "But you like it,. To thik hai darasal mijhe isn baar ek pagal ki tarah bina ruke ho sex karna tha so maine soch chalo college main to admission le hi rahi hoon kyon wahi par is iccha ko poor a kiya jaye. Main ek bous college main gayi.Main ek chota sa fock aur choti se top pehan liya aur us par shawl odh li phir maine pricipal ke office main gayi wahan par unke saath 4 jan aur bethe hueb the wahan par ek standing fan bhi tha. Maine janbhooh kar is tarah se kahdi hui ki merei frock ek dam se uopoper ho gayi maine. I went into the bathroom which had one stall and two urinals. The bathroom was not completely messy, nor was it the world’s cleanest bathroom either. I went into the stall. Not sure why, but I just felt like pissing in the stall and ignored the urinals.The piss started to flow when I heard the bathroom door open. Foot steps approached one of the urinals and the sound of another man pissing quickly took form. I could even hear him sighing. Must have been a trucker holding it for that last.

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