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What the hell were they doing? He wanted so much to just keep things as they were between them. What if giving in to their desires changed that? He di...n’t want to think about losing that friendship. He watched Lizzy as she fought to keep her eyes open and stay awake. Once they arrived back the condo where he was staying, she had given in to sleep, so he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Josh carefully undressed her and put her in his bed. Then he undressed as well and climbed in. She responded by tipping her head, slowly moving it from side to side, her face telling him she like his touch a lot.“Has that little sweet pussy missed my black cock?” he asked her outright even though he saw me sitting there.Sally smiled but didn’t answer him.Again he asked, “Has your little sweet pussy missed my black cock?”She looked shyly at me before she answered, “Yes.”“So are we getting it on again girly?”Sally abandoned all pretence and seemingly turned to jelly as she bent her knees. We also found out that LaFrance had been working with Weimar in kidnapping girls, and they had just delivered four girls to the broker we were going after. Hopefully, we could catch him before he made the delivery.We set out for Waverly Crossing first thing the next morning, and we arrived three days later. We had really pushed our horses, and they were beat. It was not likely, but the broker, Oskar Navarro, just might still be in the area. The first place we checked was the cantina that was. Of course I didn’t object, a gorgeous woman who could give me a job was asking me out to lunch. This was a new experience for me, regardless that it was because of an interview. Inside I felt thrilled and just grateful to be in her presence and very much intimidated. She had me completely under her thumb and I didn’t even realize it. The lunch went well and I really did have the skills needed that she required, and I ended up getting the job. I was on cloud nine. The first few months were.

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