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My father guided me down the hall holding my hand, and as we approached he said, “Damn, girl, I hear you really know how to deep-throat a cock.”A ...ittle blush broke over my face. “I guess I’ve had a little practice,” I said shyly.As we started to pass the guy, his eyes traveled up and down my body. I reached out, put my hand on his chest, and pushed him back against the wall. I released my father’s hand and dropped down in a squat, which caused my dress to hike up and make my ass and pussy. I plopped my cock from her pussy while she kissed me yet again.Me-Truly. This was great lovemaking the session. But don’t worry we will have ample time till your mom joins us day after. I am going to have a lot more fun until she comes.Suhasini smiled, “Daddy. I have a confession to make. Promise you won’t be mad at me or mummy after I tell you?”Me- What is that sweetie?Suhasini-Mom already knows about all this.Me-What!Suhasini- Please daddy you have to listen to me before you say anything. As for Kara, I would have said ‘no’ when you were dating, now, well, she’s a different person. I guess the answer is no, I don’t object to any of them.”“Jackie said that Penny’s in the ‘new toy’ stage and implied that it will wear off. Kind of like you and me, I guess. The question is, will Penny want to keep doing it with me when it wears off, or will she want to find a High School boy who can take her to dances and stuff?”“I can see that being a problem when she’s allowed to date. When is. Wow it was great ad she continued licking my neck. I said Ms. Sangeetha and she said í’m licking your neck and you still call me Ms. Sangeetha. Call me as how my husband call me – Geetha. I said Geetha you look sexy in this saree and she said not just the saree is sexy, whatever inside the saree is much sexier. While saying that she unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. She licked and sucked my nipples while her hands were rubbing my cock. She wasn’t the one that moaned but it was me … Geetha.

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