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Why do shrinks have such plebian tastes. But in any case, Dr. Wayne insists on a trip to the bathroom before the crucial, physical portion of the ses...ion. And above all, protect the precious couch. Betty recalled reading somewhere that Freud, in Vienna, covered the head of his couch with an anti-mascar to prevent the hair oil of his patients from staining the fabric. She wondered if Freud beat his patients. She had read somewhere that Freud fucked his female patients. And that actually. Alone and lonely, Kunjbehari stayed in his own world of fantasy and scanned the village for all opportunity to feast his eyes on the village girls. He knew the homes of all young girls. He also knew their hangouts, their routines of the day. His favorite place in the village was the pond where most of these girls used to come for a bath. He had a secret place behind some bushes, where he used to sit for hours, and from where he used to ogle on the semi naked and wet bodies of his village. "Er... Beggin yer pardon mi'lady," he said, not even noticing theautomatic use of the correct deferential title, "I was wonderin if youas a minute for a quick word."Hattie turned laconically to face him, clearly irritated at theinterruption which made Burt sweat a little and clear his throat once,then twice. "Oh. It's you," she said."You aren't allowed out here." Er, sorry miss. I was 'opin to ask you when Lady Ann was comin 'ome." Oh really? I thought you might be here to apologise for your. ”I said you were a bold lady and I didn’t know how ur husband was facing. She said her husband was open minded and little elder than her, so he never really did mind all that.The other day she received an award and she was coming back swaying her ass cheeks casually like that. I don’t know when she observed but she pinged me afterward. “now what??? why am I looking like that?”I replied” ur dress was little tight and I couldn’t help noticing ur swinging a**”She replied”what is this Mathews??? I.

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