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’ She shakily got to her feet, smiling in pleasure as she did so. She looked at me with love in her eyes. Clumsily, she put her underwear back on ...nd joined me in the kitchen. ‘Would you like me to cook for you?’ she asked. ‘Sure,’ I said, enjoying the relaxation and afterglow of good sex. I felt like a lion, confident and at ease in my kingdom. She just stood there though. ‘Um, you are going to cook something, aren’t you?’ I asked. ‘Yes,’ she said, but didn’t make any movement towards. Hum ghar aagaye iska pata lagte hi bhai bhi ghar aa gaye. Next day bhai ne kaha main office nahin ja raha tab bhabhi ne kaha itni badi Chot nahin hai aap office jao lucky to yahan hai hi Kyon Lucky ji bhai main aaj college nahin jaaonga theek hai . Bhai factory chale gaye . Ab bhabi ko bathroom jana tha bhabhi ne mujhse sahara lekar bathroom gayi mujhe unka sparsh bahot accha lagta tha beech 2 main kabhi 2 main unke boobs se bhi touch kar jata tha bhabhi maybe yeh samajh rahi thi phir bhabhi ne. She tried to rush past me towards the bathroom, but I stopped her. Her shirt was mostly unbuttoned and untucked, she didnt have a bra on and her hair was a mess. When I got closer, I noticed that she smelled like sex/cum and it looked like she had dried cum in her hair. I was dumb founded and demanded an explanation. Sue got very upset, but I again demanded an explanation. She asked me if I would leave her, and I told her. I loved her but&hellip,.. I wanted every detail about what was going. There're just some things I need to work out ... I'm not sick."They'd arrived at the car and Maryann searched her daughter's face for acceptance as she unlatched the doors with the remote. The smile was weak but it was a smile.Rebecca was about to open the passenger side door when Maryann remembered the pie slice."Don't sit on missus Conrad's pie when you get in," she admonished.Michelle, who had her hand on the back door handle, had an instantaneous vision of the cherry pie plastered all over.

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