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When a commercial came on, Sue announced that she would make some popcorn and she promptly disappeared into the kitchen. I waited about two minutes be...ore telling Emily that I was going for a beer and promised to bring a soda back for her.I was about to step into the kitchen when I heard Sue speaking in low tones, apparently into her cell phone. “I don’t know if it has anything to do with my scheme, but I’ve never seen him behave like that before. He was an animal!”My momentum didn’t allow me. “Still, nice to know Aunt Taisha got a promotion. Wonder if Uncle Mance is with her?” I mused out loud.“He is not, Kiria,” the AI informed me.“Aw, pity. He’s got some good stories,” I sighed.“Is he famous?” Torun asked.“Not really, he was the Commander of a Heavy Fighter Squadron during the defence of Vircon during the Hegemony Conflict. Guess that makes him a hero, though he doesn’t think he is,” I replied. “He does think Aunt Taisha is one though, as she was in manual control of the. As always, Gina finished her transformation on a high. She bounced upoff the bed and strode to the bathroom mirror, giggling ecstatically asshe saw herself in her new dress for the first time outside a changingcubicle. She'd bought it a couple of weeks previously but had beensaving it for this holiday. A hip hugger that just about touched herthighs. It looked magical.Chucking the door key into her handbag and slipping on some sandals,she strolled out into the still-warm air pretty much. She lay her tenderly into thebed. The freshly changed sheets were already turned down and waiting forthem. Carolyn went back and closed the door, then turned around and undidthe sash to her robe and let it fall to the floor as she stood maked andproud and quivering before her daughter. Sharon took off her pyjamas andthrew them aside. Her mother came to the side of the bed and knelt. Shetook one of Sharon's perfect feet in her hands as though it were a Mingvase, and kissed behind the girl's.

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