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I was just adding my congrats card, with a crisp new C-note in it, to the pile of other gifts and cards, when a very pretty and sweet smelling woman the same bumped into me almost dropping her gift. Hers was a large box. I immediately thought microwave oven. She bumped me, excused herself, and thanked me for helping her keep from dropping her offering. Later, seated two tables apart at the reception, our eyes kept catching each the other looking. Dinner done, a rather good band began. “Thank you, Northstar”, Archbishop Silternjan nodded and with everyone’s attention ready to listen, he finally took a long sip and continued to clarify. “The person who stole the Galactic Communicator isn’t a third level expert, although his power not far. Let me tell you something, that person, who bypassed two Bishops and escaped myself, until a handful of years ago, wasn’t even as strong as a Peak Core Master.” He smirked from the looks of astonishment and disbelief. Subtle as they were, he. His expression is keen with desire.“Don't do this. Stop” He grins. “Stop”All the while his fingers fidget on her insides. He gives her delightful, feathery caresses and clouds her mind with erotic sensation. His fingers explore her labia, flitting about to include her clitoris and Riley thrusts inside her slit with two fingers. He finds no rhythm, deliberately. She tenses her pert bottom, enduring the torture. His touch holds a certain urgency. Excitement drives his fingers.“Gentle” She. So who’s going to stay here with fella-me-lad?”“Moi, I will.”Keeping me company would be perfectly acceptable instead. The soft burr of her delicate French accent lightened my mood.“Good girl Anne-Pierre that’s the spirit! Stay with him until help arrives. You got some water in that bag of yours sonny?”I nodded, “Yeah.”“Good. In that case, we’ll carry on. Onwards!”With a wave of her stick, we watched them all ramble on along the narrow dirt track. ===- 2 -===Popping the phone back into my.

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