Taped to the centerfold photo, which of course was the close-up of Wendy’s pussy shooting out a thick stream of pussy juice, was a check from the ma...azine, for 50,000 pounds, for the publication rights to those photos. ‘It’s true what they say,’ Jane grinned, ‘Money really DOES come to money!’ On the British television news that evening, Jane, Brad, and Wendy watched the coverage of Wendy’s sensational divorce trial. The three of them could hardly believe that even a CABLE channel, which. 5 inches in me this time i helped myself off and got the next 4 cocks ready until they re lubed my panties this time i got 4 inches in this time i was helped off i got the other 4 cocks ready but first i noticed quite a lot of cum had accumulated around the base of the cocks and on the mirrored box section they were suctioned too i dont know what came over me but i got don on hands and knees and started to lick it up when i had a mouth full i dribbled it onto the stretched crotch of my panties. I just gulped when she touched me there and don’t move I will help you relax a bit.She unzipped my pants in a flash and took out my 7″cock which was already pretty hard from the conversation without a warning she just stared to suck my cock. I was in 7th heaven. She was looking at me with her beautiful eyes the entire time. I just sat there holding her hair back and enjoying her slurping sounds and the pleasure accompanying it.She said how does that feel and licked my dick again and I really. I had to enquire about his diet and so I now took interest in making sure Brad was healthy not just for sexual reasons but that he should be healthy. I started taking him with me in the early mornings to exercise and also I asked his butler to change diet. About 3 weeks after his lifestyle change he told me that he feels more relaxed and calm and he is even feeling horny at times. I was getting excited hearing him boast but he was my friend and I was happy for him. So we were only 3 weeks away.

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