I had an agent and a lawyer. If I had made the pros I would have had financial advisers and a marketing team. I would never have had to grow up if I d...dn't want to. And I can tell you that I didn't want to grow up. I didn't like responsibility. I didn't like accountability. Do you know how I knew the cops would bust the guy on the motorcycle? It was because I got busted for something similar when I was in A-Ball. I had my Mustang and I got it up to 120 miles an hour when the cops saw me."I lost. ” John pointed at the women already trickling down the steps.The stands filled quickly. A horde of women all laughing and joking, teasing and talking as they found their seats. Each one seemed to have a specific place to sit, with an entire section at the other end all wearing blue-winged helmets. Those women wore what looked like lighter armor, without bracers, gauntlets or greaves. Their boots were more functional in appearance, calf-high leather accented with a touch of fur. Most wore small. You've been thinking about it since you saw it, haven't you?" I said. She gulped, hiding an embarrassed smile, and sheepishly nodded."Yes." She gave me the puppy dog eyes -- the 'don't hate me because I saw something and liked it' eyes."Get it," I said to her, looking her in the eyes seriously. "Have it." She dropped her jaw in disbelief."What?! Are you serious?" She asked, half shocked and half excited."Yeah, I'm serious. Do you want it?" Yes!!!" she exclaimed, with a big, excited smile on her. She started drying my shoulders and chest, working her way down my stomach. I knew my hard on was next. She finally was drying it off, stroking me with the towel. She grabbed my hard cock and led me to my bedroom, pushing me down on the bed. We were kissing and my hands were all over her, Pulling her shirt off, OMG her tits were incredibly, this was the first time i had seen them naked. I immediately had to kiss them and suck on them. She had small aureolas and her cute nipples were.

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