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You are still smiling at me and stroking your cock. I ask what happened to the club? You laugh and tell me you thought I would like this better. Then ...ou point to a lone car hidden behind the now leaving fire truck. I sit up to see what you are pointing at. It is a girl, alone, watching the whole thing... I can't see her until you wave her out of the car and she approaches us. I recognize her from an old CL add respondant. She is a hottie that we chatted with. She is just as hot in person. Now. He made no motion to part the crowd, they just found themselves out of his way. As he approached the table he desired, one with a good view of the door, the man sitting there seemed to decide he was drunk enough for the night, and lurched off as Camorra approached. Smiling subtly to himself - centuries-old presence still had its uses - Camorra seated himself down and relaxed. His reverie was broken by the curtain at the door being brushed aside and a crowd of young men stumbling in, all clearly. " Barbara said gently, "and from what I saw you should think yourself lucky too." mmm-uh" Sophie's reply was lost for the moment. Neither of them were thinking about what they were doing, both were simply lost in the sensation. Barbara in the wetness and warmth of the private hole between her daughters legs and Sophie in the sensuous grindings of her mothers hand. They were not touching elsewhere, in some ways the whole thing remained very utillitarian, mother sitting beside a prone daughter,. ..... ohhhhhh........ i'm cumming........... " "Cum baby.... that's it cum on her face..... cum on her while I fuck her," urged Veronica. With that Rhonda shuddered and her full weight collapsed against me as she screamed in orgasm. She slumped forward as she lifted her pussy from my face and I started to gasp. I had indeed nearly been smothered by pussy, but I had no time to contemplate this much. "I've only been warming you up," said Veronica. Veronica repositioned herself, grasped me hard.

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