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So it seems she just gave in, wrapped her legs around his waist and went for it, then she realised I had brought another guy in with us, making four o... us now, her eyes lit up again, she knelt up and said, "This is fun, who's next".Dan was naked and in her pussy, his cock buried deep, with all the cum inside her now, I went under her, licking her clit and the cum runnig from her pussy. Tom went behind me and fucked my arse once more, while the new guy played with her boobs, Jackie was having. He was at least nine inches, so it was a challenge taking him down all the way, but perseverance paid off. As a sign of victory, she jammed the tip of her tongue firmly into his balls, letting out a muffled squeal of delight at her accomplishment. She then began to fellate him with the longest, most passionate strokes he had ever seen a woman's lips make. He was impressed with the show she was putting on for him, but he did not want to lose control."Stop. Now!Amber pulled off, a slightly. When they finally reached the lake shore, they followed it until they reached a cabin with a dock reaching out over the lake. They each dropped to the ground and tied the horses to the railing that was there. Then Bo gave a short tour to Miles through the cabin."We use this whenever we want a bit more privacy than normal," she told him."It's a beautiful locale," he complimented her."Why thank you Miles," she twinkled her nose at him.Then they both joined John sitting on the deck outside. Bo. Remember I am a married woman…” I warned him.He smiled and stood up; pulling my body up hard against him and grinding his already rock hard cock into me. I moaned when I felt his length against my wet pussy lips. He pulled me around the corner and shoved me up against the wall, taking my wrists in his hands and holding my arms against the wall. He leaned in and started kissing me again, slipping his tongue into my mouth and teasing me with his hard dick while he pressed me up against the wall..

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