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.Suddenly I heard another knock on the door and we were joined by his friend who turned out to be a darker skinned gentleman who had the appearance of...someone from the Indian subcontinent or thereabouts, what was soon clear was that he was either quite shy or perhaps English was a second language, either way he made it clear that he found me attractive and was up for some sexy fun.I got down on my knees in front of him and pulled out a nice thick circumcised penis, being European naturally. Everything was fine except that one dark cloud and sure enough it started to rain lightly. It was no big deal we had ridden in the rain before. We were approaching the park area and it really started to come down. We decided to stop under one of the covered tables building, The park was empty and this building was far from the parking area. We were laughing about our luck when out of the forest another bike rider was doing the same as us, escaping the rain. We exchanged friendly greeting and I. That day I had them both waxed, nails & hair done, they are both so sexy....For the auction each slave is taken up onto the small stage with a collar, wrist & ankle cuffs all joined by a chain plus each slave would have an auction number on the left shoulder & on their butt, & of course they are naked. When diana read this, she grinned for many reasons, while alice had a big smile on her face. That night on arriving, I handed my 2 slaves over to the assistant helping out, they were naked, then. Get your cock lubricated by using it up in my cunt first Beta.” I told him.He slid his cock in my cunt and started to fuck me a little bit. Then he applied cold cream on my asshole and pushed his finger into my ass. Getting his cock all wet with my cum from my cunt, he positioned the head of his cock at my ass.I felt him start to put pressure on my ass as he pushed in. Slowly I started to loosen my ass muscle and the head of his cock went into my ass.I had been fucked in the ass many times. It.

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