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We used to fuck like rabbits now he barely even touches me let alone looks at me remotely wanting, but i figured it was since id just had a baby he mi...ht of thought id want to spend my time being a mother.Now im not one to complain but a woman has needs to its not like hes the only one who needs sex. Im a very faithful wife my friends all tell me i could do way better than him but im just to modest i was happy with my quiet life. We were largely middle class my job paid well as did his but. She nodded silently. Immediately our lips were locked together, tongues entwining, softly at first, but with passion increasing. We almost fell into the room, still kissing passionately, my hands squeezing her buttocks."I want you to be my Uncle, I'll be your dirty niece.." she hissed. She took my hand and pushed it down to the leggings she was wearing. Her crotch was soaked, right through the material of her panties and leggings. I kissed her again and reached up to cup her magnificent. " All the little people shock their heads in agreeance with him. "If you've come from a place so far away, the only way you'll likey find your way back is by asking the Wizard of Poz." The Wizard of Poz?" said Dorothy. "How do I find him?" Go to Emerald City," replied one of the little women. "You'll find him there." Emerald City," repeated Dorothy in awe. "Which way do I go?" The ONLY way," replied the man, pointing a glowing path reaching across the land behind her. "Just follow the Yellow. I hear the front driver's side door, then the door next to me. The man I was sucking off turns toward Abby as I'm pulled out of the car. The man holds me still as one of the men from the other car walks up to me with a knife. I try to kick him, but he grabs my foot and slips my shoe off of it. "How many pieces would you like to be in right now? Keep your damned legs down!" I swallow the spit in my mouth and his brings the knife to my skirt. He cuts through the fabric and tosses it onto the.

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