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"Ohh FUKKK, JOYY..." she exclaimed, using my name for the first time tonight. Her body was wracked with the orgasmic waves, spasms reverberating throu...h her. She came down hard on the mattress again. My mouth was drenched with her sexy, musky flavor when I came up off of her. Her face was still buried to one side in the pillow when I removed my panties and mounted her. I was so wet, we immediately slid across each other. It took an adjustment to settle into the right position. Then I felt her. He stopped and withdrew an inch before slowly pushing forward again, causing another inch of his cock to disappear beyond the lips of her cunt. He repeated this movement another time or two with another inch or two entering her. Then he withdrew that cock all the way till the head pop out of her. He started it back in and then plunged it, clear to his balls. I could almost hear her gasp. He slipped his forearms under her knees lifting her legs even higher and slammed his cock into her again.. We're leaving." I'll find another way home, Jack." Come, on, Chris. Why are you being like that?" If you don't know, you're stupider than I thought." He turned and walked away from me.We made our way out to the parking lot, Jill on one side of Sara, me on the other, each of us with an arm around her shoulders. Sara kept both arms around my waist.I got the coats out of the back seat."Uh, Oh. Chris needs his coat."Jill said, "He'll do fine without it."I opened up the passenger door and started. Rehearsals went like a dream. The cast were all lovely people, the director (Sir...) was a genius and every day was a joy. I had a 'cough and a spit role', barely noticeable but I got my own costume and shared a dressing room with two actors who'd just been filming in Canada with a big film director. The stories were great fun to listen to, and for a young green actor, life couldn't be better. On a tour, each theatre you visit will, after the first night, hold a drinks reception for the cast.

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