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Keiichi leapt to his feet, throwing the blanket around his waist. "Get out of here, Skuld!" he shouted. He tried to ignore the delicious friction the ...lanket made against his swollen penis. He rushed forward, gently, but forcefully, grabbing her by the arm. "Go- go tell Urd I'll be out in a few minutes." He stammered."Hey," Skuld protested as he pushed her out. "Don't treat me like a kid!" But it was too late; Keiichi had slid the paper door shut on her. She stood at the door, then stamped her. From which a glowing form rises.The form resembles an old man. A sense of evil flowing from his naked form.“Ah,” the ghost says, “I haven’t enjoyed something so pretty in some time.”Erris raises her prayer book and shouts words of smiting. The ghost cowers for a moment. Then with a cruel laugh springs up. At a gesture the lids of the caskets fly open with a bang. Skeletal figures stepping out, advancing on the young woman.Still confident, Erris recites a prayer that will turn undead. The. While we are here, I spend most of my time at my brothers place while my wife stays at her parents. The first morning after I arrived, I was having my morning tea when the doorbell rang. I opened the door. It was the maid.I am still not sure of her age but I would guess she was in her late 30’s or early 40’s. I don’t even know her name. Everyone calls her “maavshi” which means aunt in Marathi. I have noticed that in India maids are not treated with much respect, they are invisible to people.. As her car pulled up to her parking spot in her apartment complex a large moving van pulled out and drove off. Someone must have finally moved into the apartment across from mine, Brenda thought to herself. A new car was parked two spots away from Brenda's. As she walked past she noticed that it had Washington plates. Ah a fellow former Washingtonian. Hopefully an improvement on her last neighbor. The last neighbor she had was a self-professed god's gift to women. It took more than a few firm.

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