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In the past I have been with several bisexual women and would watch how the would please each other. Learning new tricks is always helpful and seeing ...ow Lee has two fingers deep inside Emily making her squirm was a good tip. She was rubbing her clit with her thumb while moving her fingers around, keeping Emily wet. I was rubbing my hands up and down in the juices left behind by Lee and watching her starting to cum. I am sure she was enjoying having my cock in her mouth as Lee’s experienced. ’ Joan is very happy to comply. He starts to spank Mandi’s ass. He gives her twenty smacks on each butt cheek. She doesn’t safeword. She’s becoming a really good sub. John is hard now again, so he puts a condom on and slam into her. She screams. He roughly shoves his right thumb into her ass and she screams again. He begins to fuck her very hard. His second orgasm is going to take a while so fucking her hard is no problem. ‘Vanessa, play with her nipples and don’t be gentle.’ I smile and climb. “Maybe I should get nipple rings too. What do you guys think?”“Sammy” you say. “get a tongue ring instead. So your blow jobs go from awesome to amazingly unforgettable.”“I agree with him I know for a fact that tongue rings feel great on my clit too.”You finally realize that maybe these two have been getting each other off before. “so you two have been lovers for while right?” You ask as Sammy slows her pace and kisses Markell before answering. “He is onto us Merk” “I guess he is” Markell then. "No wonder he left control of everything to you! You sound just like him!" But he was, like, 80!" 77." He agreed, nodding. "Still could do all of us twice a day." There were several heads nodding around the dining room table. "Three times if he started before breakfast."DJ sat back and thought. There was a reason to tell her this. There was a reason for everything. Once you understand it, you own it, Uncle John used to tell her.And once you own it, you can use it.Uncle John had died two years.

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