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We see her reach down with one hand and fondle a breast while the other reaches between Kylie’s legs and starts rubbing her. Kylie gets more and mor... excited. We see her hips gyrating and grinding to intensify the feeling. We see the panties stretch tightly as Kylie tries to give the teacher better access and her breathing is getting faster and louder. After her orgasm, the teacher moves the hand back to her butt and continues caressing it. The other hand continues to play with the breasts.. "I been thinking that maybe you ought to marry me." He paused briefly and glanced up at her face and went quickly onward, "And then we could go set up our own housekeeping somewhere, maybe even right here. I suppose." He held both her hands trapped in his.Caroline blinked several times and swallowed. Within her, something opened, a space she had forgotten about. It was as if she felt a breeze."Well?" he asked, looking rather anxious and feeling peculiar, oddly disturbed, as if he might tip over. "I am sorry, Madame. I was confused by everything that has happened and I forgot myself." As long as you understand now," Jacqui snarled, not wanting to let up, "Greta will show you your room and explain out routine. She is Top Girl here now that there are three of us."Sarah seemed about to say something, but thought better of it and went quietly with Greta. Jacqui was trembling when they had left the room. She had thought for a while that the new girl was going to be too much for her to. He always got me so wet but this night he had fingered me all through the movie. I took his cloths off and while he was still standing I knelt down and slid his rock hard cock into my mouth. I pushed him onto the bed and let him watch me take my clothes off, I was not wearing a bra and my panties were taken off at the movie. I laid beside him circling his nipples with a finger and sliding my tongue into his mouth stopping only to suck his nipples, he was so hard, I went down and started to suck.

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