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Mary was pleasantly surprised at what her daughter was doing and her own arousal was beginning build between his thighs. She went to the kitchen and r...turned with warm, wet wash clothes and a towel. A stunned John watched and felt both of them begin to wash and clean his body.John now knew that this was a conspiracy and he had walked into it like a sacrificial lamb.He moaned as the swirling hands washed away the remnants of his orgasm. What he couldn't understand was, why was he still so. I must say, I can’t get enough words to describe you.”“Oh!” “Well then, let’s see how you would like to describe me. Let’s start with my physical features.” I got up from seat, picked the two edges of my shorts and bowed a little and said“Let’s get started”I saw a big lump in his throat. He kept on looking at my body.“You are beautiful. Your soft milky skin is something like milk immersed with saffron, smooth throughout. It’s beyond my thought of toughing it. Your dimples and cutie smile is. My one hand was on her big hips and other was in her pussy while my mouth was on her lips. Our tongues entwined with each other with our saliva intermingling and my lips were chewed frantically by her. She asked me let’s go bedroom and led me to the bedroom, all the way I hugging her from behind and fondling her breasts while she could feel my erection hard on her buttocks curves. We entered the bedroom. She undressed herself and me in minutes. Now she was fully nude before me. She was a good. All she could do was look at me and rub her nipples. So I walked over to her and said..."Do you need any help over there?" I said with a smirk on my face.She looked at me with a smile and I walked over to her and kissed her on her lips and worked my way down her neck. She moaned softly and I started to kiss her wonderful tits. Then I put my hands around her ass and started to feel all around her body. I felt it was time for her to take of the rest of her cloths so I undid her tight jeans and I.

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